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FERNWOOD’s new album: Arcadia    Available on CD, Limited Edition (300) vinyl LP, and download   11 tracks, recorded in Malibu and Topanga, California, USA
P.O.Box 4276 Malibu, CA. 90264  USA

Malibu, CA, February 2nd, 2015 —Fernwood, the award-winning all-acoustic instrumental duo, today announces the release of their much anticipated third album, Arcadia. This 11-track offering expands upon their previous work which Guitar Player describes as “wonderfully melodic and emotionally direct.” Utilizing an exotic array of world instruments, Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet) and Todd Montgomery have created a soundscape that is both familiar and exotic, classical and contemporary, warm and inspirational.
Purposefully conceived to evoke the visual language of film, Arcadia takes the listener on an epic, emotional journey through a pan-cultural landscape. Contemporary Americana and Old-World styles are merged and blended together to produce a beautiful antidote to the stresses of everyday life. 
Produced with what can only be described as a golden tone, Arcadia is a marvelously cohesive offering. The arrangements and orchestration are sophisticated and dynamic. Montgomery and Ellett achieve Arcadia’s rich and inviting sound by showcasing the natural timbres of instruments such as the Irish and Greek bouzouki, sitar, dilruba, ruan, charango, tanpura, surmandal, tenor banjo, mandolin, harmonium, acoustic guitar, tenor ukulele, violin, piano, upright bass, and more. 
"One of the things we try to focus on, is our attempt to apply the artistic concept of theme and variation, to the many different elements of our music such as the rhythm, harmony and melody, but also to the dynamics, arrangements, orchestration and instrumentation. And in a way, its almost like we are a national orchestra ... for a missing country!" says Fernwood's Ellett.
Created and recorded in their Malibu studio, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Ellett and Montgomery’s music is a reflection of their lives in Southern California, their knowledge of progressive rock, folk, world and jazz, and their professional experience in film, television, animation and games. Authentic and honest, they play music the old-fashioned way: by hand. Formed in 2006, they have released three albums so far: Almeria, Sangita and Arcadia.
In order to maintain a more natural and dynamic sound, Arcadia was recorded without compression or computer manipulation.
        For the first time, Fernwood will offer this album on a Limited Edition vinyl LP, as well as on CD and digital download.
All music played by hand, on instruments made out of wood!
Listen with headphones, you’ll be glad you did!

Available at: CDBaby, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and directly from the group.

     See the YouTube video from Arcadia at:




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